TARA TARH Engineering & Technological Co.
No.18, shadan Alley, Jahan Ara St., Yoosef Abad
Tehran, Iran 14389

ph: +9821 88337394
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TARA TARH Engineering Company together with its management has a long track of record in providing consulting  and engineering services in different projects. TARA TARH's services are comprehensive and could be selected to cover all needs of a client in different projects.

  • Consultancy

    Every project could be started following extensive studies to secure profitability of the investment made by stakeholders. During project execution due care and diligence needs to lead the project safely to the end.

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Master Plans
    • Renovation Plans
    • Project definition
    • Tender document and evaluation
    • Contracts negotiation
    • Contracts legal services
  • Engineering and Design

    Our engineering and design services covers conceptual design, basic design including preparation of complete project specification, detailed design and procurement services as well.

    • Conceptual design and Layout
    • Plant design
    • Civil and structural design
    • HVAC and plumbing design
    • Electrical design
    • Control and instrumentation
    • Process design/selection
    • Piping design
    • Mechanical design
    • Procurement services
  • Project Management and Co-ordination

    Effective project management is a key factor in success of every project.

    • Project planning and control
    • Cost estimation and control
    • Expediting
    • Quality assurance
    • Contract management
  • Construction Services

    Construction stage as a major phase of project execution needs special attention in order to secure on time and on budget completion of project.

    • Construction planning and management
    • Construction engineering
    • Technical inspection
    • Supervision of civil construction works
    • Supervision of erection of structures and equipment
    • Tests on completion supervision
    • Site health and safety


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TARA TARH Engineering & Technological Co.
No.18, shadan Alley, Jahan Ara St., Yoosef Abad
Tehran, Iran 14389

ph: +9821 88337394
fax: +9821 88337394